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Creator, Entrepreneur, Stoic & general all-round decent bloke

AeonAKF is the product of many years of endeavour in fields such as Physics, Technology, Content Creation and all things Digital, the result of which exists now as a single entity...AeonAKF. It is my hope that it will grow to be something good in what can be a difficult and painful world. I express myself through the things that I create, from the initial concapt, through visualisation and the development process and ultimately to the point of completion.

AeonAKF is both my salavation and my legacy, when I no longer inhabit this world it will be what remains as the sum total of my experience and my knowledge. To leave a world that has caused me so much heartache without leaving something worthwhile would mean failure to me. I hope, I believe, I dream, this is what I am, this is who I am and one day I will understand why my life became what it did.

Game Development - 80%

Software Development - 76%

Physics - 80%

Digital Art - 76%

I have a dream, one day that dream will be realised

- AeonAKF-

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AeonAKF is the initial formation of the global platform from which I will express myself through the things I love and create.

I am, I dream, I create...

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