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Soldier of Fortune II - Unreal Edition

Status: 13%

SoF2UE Configuration Screen

Re-worked in
Unreal Engine 5

Soldier of Fortune II - Unreal Edition is a multiplayer only remake of the original Ravensoft classic that utilises Epic Games's Unreal Engine 5. Still in it's early stages the potential that this game offers is limited only by the power of Unreal and the imagination of the development team. SoF2UE promises to deliver the gaming experience that many of us will remember from back in the day elevated by the power of Unreal Engine on today's gaming hardware. It promises to be something very, very special indeed.

SoF2UE Gallery
SoF2UE Configuration Screen

More than
just a cosmetic remake

The more we learn about Unreal Engine the more we realise that this development platform is epic, if you pardon the pun. From incredible cinematics to an advanced particle and VFX system, Unreal offers the possiblity of taking SoF2UE to places that were had not considered when this idea was first conceptualised. With a strong background in advanced computational and theoretical physics the development team are on path to create something incredible.

SoF2UE Gallery

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Soldier of Fortune II - Unreal Edition

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We aim to provide periodic updates on our progress. Once a month towards the end of the month we will release an update on our progress and any new developments. Anything else will be released as our time permits

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